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Selection of goods for non-standard orders

In warehouse management, it is vital to focus on the order in order to quickly find necessary items, so that the customer does not have to wait. In this respect, G&G has decided to pay special attention to goods that are subject to non-standard orders, i.e. orders placed by customers who are looking for given properties or adaptations to certain products.

Warehousing programmes can be very useful for managing this type of stock in order to avoid situations when customised goods intended for specific customers reach wrong destination. Individual orders usually apply to the limited number of products, prepared especially for a given customer, regardless of whether it is the end customer or the point of sale. Therefore, dispersion of these products would involve long waiting times for the customer or the need to be satisfied with products that are not personalized and therefore different from those ordered (and sometimes already paid for).

Selection of goods for non-standard orders

In order to avoid the loss of such products or the risk of mixing them up with others, G&G selects goods for non-standard orders. This is done when goods arrive at the warehouse, by placing a label with a unique code that refers to their character on such products when they are still packed and thus difficult to recognise from the outside.

Upon the arrival at the warehouse, the quality and integrity of the goods should be assessed and then they should be stored in a special designated area. This makes order processing faster and safer. Therefore there will be no problem when it comes to distinguishing product for non-standard customer orders from similar products.

The selection of products for non-standard orders should also take place at the inventory stage in order to always control the presence of any goods that have not been shipped yet and, in this case, to investigate the reasons why they are always in stock and the possibility of reintroducing them into other standard orders.

Management of goods for non-standard orders

G&G manages non-standard order goods in three stages:

  • The selection of articles for non-standard orders, which must be carried out when goods arrive at the warehouse and at the inventory stage.
  • Preparation of non-standard orders, which are managed by warehouse management programme which identifies recipients interested in a given type of goods.
  • Selection of articles for non-standard orders that have not been ordered yet. After a while these orders can be put back into circulation in a normal shipping cycle.

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