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Replenishment of stocks

Replenishment of stocks is a key and sensitive activity for proper warehouse management. G&G is aware of this and, in addition to hiring highly specialised staff, it keeps track of the latest software updates and implements the most effective methods to always have a stock of items in stock, while avoiding excessive and long product lagging in the warehouse. In terms of replenishment, G&G works in two ways:

  • Replenishment at points of sale based on the articles sold;
  • Replenishment of stocks at points of sale at the request of sellers.

In both cases, G&G takes care of every aspect of stock replenishment and always pays attention to the requirements of its customers, whose satisfaction is essential for the good functioning of the company.Replenishment of stocks at points of sale.

Replenishment of stock based on the articles sold

Replenishment based on sold items is an increasingly common management method recently, as it allows replenishment at points of sale in an almost automatic way, also ensuring replenishment of the warehouse itself. This working method is based on the constant and timely exchange of information between warehouse managers and those who manage the supply of points of sale. The first step is to create a joint plan among the companies involved, setting out the main objectives. The second step is to forecast demand and any related exceptions, which allow for a margin of error and variability in the replenishment phase. In fact, any joint plan should take into account the possibility of any changes at the replenishment stage. The scheme used must not be rigid.

G&G provides maximum flexibility for replenishment based on the items sold, each time examining the change in demand for a specific product and its market trends. Replenishment of stocks based on sold items has many advantages, including a better and permanent relationship between warehouse management staff and partner companies, better stock organisation and consequently lower management costs.

Moreover, due to the good functioning of this working method, it is possible to control the expiry date of products, significantly reducing the risk of their overdue. All this translates into economic efficiency, which also means improved services and increased sales. Thanks to replenishment of inventories based on sold articles, forecasting future orders become easier, and thus it is easier to control the condition of the warehouse and the entire production process.

Replenishment of stocks on demand

Although replenishment based on sold items is certainly easier to manage, G&G offers its customers the opportunity to replenish their stocks on special and individual requests. Customers can turn to G&G at any time when they need to replenish their stock, using the additional services provided by the warehouse along with any necessary adjustments.

As on-demand replenishment is not a standard procedure, it may take longer to complete. However, this does not mean long waiting periods: in fact, G&G offers its customers the maximum speed, accuracy and reliability for each order received to meet their requirements.

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