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Renewing and repackaging

Repackaging of clothing

Storage services have a major impact on the brand's reputation G&G is aware of this aspect and has decided to invest heavily in renewing and repacking goods, especially in the clothing industry. We know how important it is for the customer to get the clothes he or she wants in a certain way, i.e. pressed and perfect as he or she saw in the pictures when placing the order. This is only possible through careful work in two key stages:

  • On arrival at the warehouse, when the quality and integrity of each individual item is checked;
  • At the time of renewing and repackaging the garments that are being cleaned before shipment.

Renewing and repackaging of clothes

Particularly in the clothing industry, but also in many other industries, it is very important how the article is presented to the customer. Aesthetic value is even more important in e-commerce because the customer chooses an article online and expects to receive it at home in good condition, i.e. pressed and refined in every detail, such as the one he or she saw in the picture on the website. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to detail at every stage of the work in the warehouse and especially at the stage of repacking the clothes.

G&G has a department dedicated exclusively to the professional renovation of clothing or products, including quality control protocols, in order to better manage the main problems associated with the handling and transport of clothing. There are in fact items that require special care during transport, e.g. hanging garments, clothes made of delicate fabrics, some accessories and shoes that have to keep their shape. These items need to be handled in a special way, for example, they should be carefully stored, using appropriate transport and state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the years, G&G has gained considerable experience in storage and logistics services in the clothing and footwear industry.

We specialise in the handling of exquisite clothing and repackaging of clothing with production defects such as unstitched buttons or wrinkled clothes. With the G&G staff specialising in these tasks and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee appropriate repacking of products and thus the highest level of efficiency for customers, both for end consumers, who will be satisfied with their purchases, and for production companies whose reputation will be positively evaluated.

Basic services

  • External tag replacement
  • Monthly production capacity
  • Identification of articles not authorised for sale
  • Selection of goods for non-standard orders
  • Co-packing
  • Putting together packages according to sets ordered by the customer
  • Bundling of ordered sets
  • Delivery to a courier

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