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Printing and placing a new barcode

Printing a barcode correctly on goods arriving in the warehouse are two very important steps for effective cataloguing of goods and having knowledge at any time about the stock of products in stock.

G&G attaches great importance to creating barcodes which will identify products in the warehouse and accompany them from the moment they are received to the moment of shipment.

Creating the right barcodes for better warehouse and logistics management

The creation of correct, legible and clear barcodes allows to streamline work in logistics and warehouse. Therefore, we attach great importance to this stage of work, involving trained staff and appropriate tools. Correctly set, printed and placed barcode leads to significant organisational benefits, including:

  • The possibility of launching products on the market more quickly;
  • Improvement of the quality of barcodes introduced to the market and present at each stage of the product life cycle;
  • The possibility of reducing penalties, blacklists and non-listed products by distributors;
  • Avoiding reprinting of barcodes and thus wasting packaging material, which entails reprinting costs and delays in the entry of the product into the supply chain;
  • The certainty that the product is read in the same way by the barcode scanners at different locations in the warehouse, ensuring that the warehouse management programme is constantly updated.

All this, of course, translates into better relations between the logistics sector and individual customers.

How to create and print barcodes

When creating and printing barcodes it is very important to know what use they are intended for. For example, the EAN-13 barcodes are usually placed on individual packages and the ITF14 barcodes on bulk packages. When creating barcodes, it behooves us to act responsibly.

With to new software and printing technologies, it is now possible to create barcodes of any size, shape and colour. However, we believe that for proper logistics and warehouse management, concreteness is essential, at the expense of imagination and inspiration. Therefore, when creating barcodes, we rely on standard dimensions and black and white printing. Moreover, we avoid placing graphics or text close to or above a symbol, which could interfere with the reading of the barcode by the reader.

Placing barcodes

We are aware that great care must also be taken when placing the bar code. This may seem absurd, but placing labels requires great care.

It is not uncommon for a correctly printed barcode to be illegible due to its incorrect placement on the product. Therefore, this stage is also delicate and crucial to avoid interfering with the entire warehouse management process.

That is why we attach great importance to the selection of paper, choosing one that ensures proper ink absorption and waiting for it to dry. Only the printed and dried barcode can be placed on the product. This step is not obvious, because it is absolutely necessary to avoid deformation and placing the code on a curved surface, which will not allow its correct reading.

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