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Putting together packages according to sets ordered by the customer

The essential stage of logistics and warehouse management is preparing parcels for shipment. A parcel is a container that contains and protects articles during shipment. G&G uses a wide variety of packages, from envelopes to boxes, from bags to crates, depending on the size of the product that needs to be delivered to the customer and always making sure that delivered items and their special properties are secured.

In terms of clothing, for example, a package is selected that will best preserve the freshness and shape of the product, avoiding dents, bends and/or deformations that could significantly affect customer satisfaction. Moreover, the packages are put together according to the sets ordered by the customer, so their preparation is a very delicate process to which G&G always attaches the utmost importance.

How we compose packages according to the ordered sets

When we are faced with an order, be it to replenish stock based on the articles sold or to prepare a set at the customer's request or from scratch, our staff attach great importance to the preparation of packages.

G&G carefully selects the most suitable type of packaging for shipment, paying attention to the characteristics of the product or products to be delivered and evaluating all transport conditions to make sure that the goods reach the customer in a perfect and flawless manner, according to his wishes. When preparing a package, we first of all evaluate the type of the set ordered by the customer, its actual size and the variables to which it is subjected during transport.

It is important to assess every possibility and start to prepare the package in a thoughtful way. Doing things in a hurry is not a good idea and it is better to know all the details of each individual shipment well, to avoid making mistakes that could have serious consequences for both brand reputation and management costs. If the ordered sets arrived in poor condition, the customer could return the parcel, which would increase warehouse costs.

However, taking care and paying attention do not necessarily mean prolonged shipping and delivery times, but only extreme caution when choosing the most suitable package for each set ordered by the customer. For each completed parcel we prepare an appropriate packing list, i.e. a list of products in the parcel so that the customer can check them individually upon delivery.

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