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Online sales

E-commerce has become a very important distribution channel in the clothing industry and in many others. Therefore, G&G has dedicated part of its services to online sales, providing its customers with zones prepared for this particular channel.

In online sales, it is very important to be able to rely on a well-organised, precise and well-stocked warehouse that is able to process orders as quickly as possible. In e-commerce, it is punctuality that plays a crucial role: the customer finds an item online that he or she likes, pays by credit card and expects it to be delivered home the next day or within the next few days. For this to happen, it is therefore essential that the warehouse works perfectly, at all stages that concern it.

With its experience and the competence of its staff, G&G offers a warehouse perfectly prepared for the online sales market. We follow each stage in detail, always bearing in mind the importance of timeliness and accuracy.

From storage to taking up the articles from the warehouse, from preparing the order to its subsequent delivery to the courier, to return management: G&G follows the entire process, which is complex and meticulous and forms the basis of all online sales activities.

The key role of the warehouse in online sales

We are dealing with many activities in online sales. Many articles are sold through different channels, but it is not uncommon to find websites where exactly the same article is sold at prices that are not very different from each other. In this case, the difference is that the goods are received on time, so it is important to be able to count on an efficient, accurate and punctual warehouse. A customer who receives an ordered article quickly and according to the expected conditions will be happy to write a positive comment, which will have a huge impact on the web and increase sales. G&G provides all its online sales services, from the most basic to the additional ones, by coordinating and following each stage of the order. G&G handles the following:

  • Storage of articles ordered online;
  • Taking the desired items from stock;
  • Preparing orders for shipment;
  • Delivering parcels to the courier;
  • Managing returns.

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