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Monthly production capacity

The production capacity of a warehouse is a very important factor when it comes to management, mainly because it determines its competitive influence on the logistics operations. Each warehouse should know its actual production capacity well, be aware of available space and the number of orders it can handle in a given period.

G&G boasts production capacity of 6 million items per month. This means that G&G can manage orders for a total of 6 million items per month in a careful, timely and targeted manner.

Knowing production capacity to ensure good logistics and warehouse management

Logistics and warehousing are key factors in company operation. It is here that goods are controlled, labelled, stored and prepared to be delivered to the customer. When you know how crucial it is in the supply chain, it is important to be aware of the actual production capacity of the warehouse in order to avoid difficulties in planning resources or lack of information about the operational capacity to manage and dispatch products from the warehouse. G&G knows its production capacity and is able to process all orders that it receives within the limit of 6 million items per month in a fully autonomous and synchronised manner.

The decision to set a maximum limit for order processing is based on a careful study of warehouse operational capacity. The market in which we operate is very complex and is characterised by increasingly sophisticated logistics dynamics that is focused on timely delivery.

In this context, it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of doing everything at once, but the risk of not being able to complete all your daily orders is very high if you do not have a clear idea of your production capacity which results in very long delivery delays, which leads to the worsening of company image and higher, and sometimes impossible to bear, management costs. That is why G&G has carried out in-depth studies in order to know its production capacity, which has been set at a maximum of 6 million items per month.

This way G&G can achieve significant competitive advantage, especially during unexpected workload peaks.

Setting production capacity does not imply any economic efficiency constraints, quite the contrary. It means that there is a maximum threshold beyond which order processing and proper warehouse management would not be possible due to space, resources and personnel. In practice, it means respecting customer needs and ensuring customer satisfaction in all situations.

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