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The strength of online sales should lie in the timeliness and speed of order processing. The reputation of the online sales platform is strongly based on the quality and timeliness of service.

Every day, G&G works to ensure fast, safe and accurate deliveries, working with professionals at the storage and bundling stage and at the subsequent stages of product delivery to the customer.

Bunding: product selection

The product bundling stage seems to be quite simple and automatic if the warehouse has been properly organised during the storage stage. Once the products arrive from the manufacturing companies, the G&G team performs quality control, labels them and arranges them in an orderly manner in the storage rooms and registers their entry into the warehouse in dedicated management programmes. After the storage stage is completed, the only thing that remains is to wait for the order from the customer. At this stage, the next step seems to be quite simple.

When an order arrives for specific items, G&G employees create a bundling list to indicate which products need to be picked by the personnel. The more organised and accurate the warehouses, the simpler the task. In this case, the warehouse-foremen with the picking list in hand go directly to the area where the desired products are stored and transfer them to the area in the warehouse for order preparation. The bundling lists may refer to a larger number of similar orders. This allows us to reduce costs and, more importantly, reduce the time needed to complete orders.

G&G does not underestimate any aspect of the online sales process, even the simplest and most automatic stage of downloading products.

Speed and accuracy at each stage is really essential to guarantee the customer a fast, timely and satisfactory service and to expect them to make another purchase in the future as well.

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