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Breakdown of goods by barcode

Breakdown of goods by barcode is certainly one of the most effective ways of stock management, which gives the possibility of continuous control of the flow of individual goods. This method is even more important when managing a warehouse with are different types of products, intended for different sellers. Order is therefore essential in order to better manage the different categories of products, and it can only be maintained if the goods in the warehouse, as well as those entering and leaving it every day, are correctly and timely identified.

Breakdown of goods by barcode does not mean that other types of grouping (the one by item code and by commercial category) are abandoned. The different types of organisation of goods can coexist without any problems, but some coordination is needed between them and, above all, they need to be organised in a programme that allows the warehouse to be managed and all necessary information to be obtained at any time.

Breakdown of goods by barcode

If we take commercial warehouses, goods that arrive there already have a barcode assigned by the manufacturer of the product concerned. Barcodes are unambiguous, i.e. they refer only to a given type of product, thus avoiding confusion with similar products. Therefore, breakdown of goods by barcode is very easy to carry out. When received at the warehouse goods already assigned a barcode are registered by with a barcode reading using an optical reader. The reader transfers the information on the read-out code to the warehouse management programme, which registers the incoming product and assigns it to a pre-set article code or to an identified product category for a given product type.

The same applies when the product leaves the warehouse.

Before preparing the delivery or dispatch of products, the barcode on the packaging is read. This is the same barcode that is read at product entry, but this time the information is saved between exits so that you know that the product is no longer in stock. This information, detected by simply reading the barcode with an optical reader, is very important to know at any time what the stock of each product is in stock.

A simple but essential procedure

It is really easy to breakdown goods by barcode. If, in the other two types of product organisation, it is necessary to establish the classification and its own alphanumeric codes, then in this method it is enough to use an optical reader to find all the information we need, which is already included in the barcode placed by the manufacturer.

This information, if correctly passed on to the management programme, allows the warehouse to organise its work in a targeted manner, taking into account incoming and outgoing goods.

This allows us to significantly reduce the costs of warehouse management, avoiding making mistakes which may lead to high costs even after some time.

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