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Logistics and warehouse

Warehouse and logistics management is essential for any business and, in particular, for the fashion and, most simply, clothing industry, where the flow of goods should be constantly monitored to allow adequate meeting of the demand.
Logistics is a very important department for fashion companies, as it allows for detailed planning of the flow of goods at entry and exit, while allowing for simpler and more methodical organisation.

Our logistics department deals with the management of clothing and footwear, but also manages all the information necessary to ensure the correct supply of the points of sale concerned.

With its twenty years of experience, G&G is able to offer a service for many product sectors in addition to the clothing industry: electronics, various products, didactics, household products and personal care products.

Work in this industry is closely linked to the warehouse by providing replenishment of products.

Trained staff and special programmes to manage goods

In order to properly manage the flow of goods, we rely, in addition to the timely work of competent and constantly trained staff, on special programmes that enable real-time monitoring of daily sales data, goods stored in real time and orders to be fulfilled. In the clothing industry, as in all other commercial sectors, it is important to know how to meet demand in a short period of time, avoiding exhaustion of the most frequently ordered goods. Festivity and sales days put our industry to the test, but careful logistics and warehouse management allows us to always be present on the market with the most sought after and special products. We periodically carry out an inventory of goods, reading the barcode to break them down by:

  • trade categories
  • item codes
  • barcodes

In addition, we believe that in logistics and warehouse management it is essential to constantly monitor the quality of products in order to prevent damaged goods from being placed on the market, in particular, the Made in Italy products, for which a high standard is expected. To this end, careful selection is made of any articles that are not allowed to be sold on certain markets, and also in the case of articles intended for non-standard orders. Daily tasks In our logistics and warehousing department we perform daily activities very important for cataloguing products. Among them, the following stand out:

  • replacement, if necessary, of external tags
  • printing and placing the correct barcode
  • valuation of goods for sale

The warehouse also provides for all activities necessary to organize the sale of clothing, such as putting into plastic bags, repacking of clothing, co-packing, and order fulfilment on request. Last but not least, the value-added service we like to offer is the printing on the materials, the rubbing on the jeans and the decoration of the fabrics, which make the clothes unique.

Management of the movement of goods

A key role in logistics and warehouse management is played by the organisation of supplies at individual points of sale, i.e. those brick-and-mortar stores where clothes are displayed and sold. The sourcing and replenishment of stocks is based on estimates of sold items or on the request of our related traders. Moreover, with the development of e-commerce, our warehouse has adapted to meet the demand for online sales, which is very unpredictable and still not standardized at the moment.

Accurate management of logistical resources allows us to provide, also with regard to online sales, a full service of storage and warehousing of goods. But this is not the whole picture. We also perform all activities related to product picking and order preparation, as well as delivery of goods to a courier and management of returns.

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